Trauma Releasing Yoga Class

We are well into our third session of our new trauma releasing yoga class designed to help heal both kids and parents.  We are meeting Tuesday mornings 10:30 am In Portland with certified Christian yoga instructor Debbie Lenihan as she leads first the moms into an hour of trauma releasing yoga followed by a 30 minute session with both mothers and children.

We have already seen some profound trauma releases for both moms and kids as this type of yoga is designed to release stuck emotions that we store in our body.  As Debbie reads us encouraging words from the bible, she also guides and directs us towards gentle poses that specifically target the psoas muscle which holds much negative emotion.

Please contact family challenge if you are interested in joining this class either our adult hour, adult/child half hour or both.  All who are ready to release past emotions and pains are welcome.

Come Join us August 14-16 for our Level 2 Family Camp!

We still have room in our upcoming level 2 family camp August 14-16, 2015.  This camp is going to focus on different techniques we have found useful in healing the trauma that is still present even after the parent/child bond has been repaired and moving forward.

All families who have completed a level 1 basic family challenge camp are invited to attend this next level camp.  We are so excited to share new ideas and techniques that are really helping our children move forward.

We will address the physical, emotional and spiritual nature of us as human beings and our needs, desires and responsibilities we have towards each other.  This will be an entire hands on training weekend as we move towards a healthier family.

Level 2 Family Camp August 2015

Are you interested in learning more and taking your families healing to a whole new level? If your answer is yes, than this camp is for you!  A level 2 camp with an emphasis on emotion and expression is open to all families who have completed our level 1 family camp sometime over the past five years.

At this point your children should have the basic respect piece in place in their everyday lives and understand basic obedience and family love.  But what’s the next step?  Some families are stuck getting to the next level of healing and understand that there is still much work to do in their family.

If this sounds like the camp for you, please join us August 14-16, 2015 for a weekend camp of family healing.  We can’t wait to help your family obtain the next level of healing, happiness and love.

Hillsboro Family Camp CANCELED

I have sad news that the upcoming May camp is canceled.  It is critical we have enough families to run a camp effectively.  Parents need to be able to connect with other parents going through the same struggles.  Because we did not receive enough registrations, this camp is canceled.  We will have more camps in the future.  Please let us know if you are interested in an upcoming Family Challenge Camp.

Another family camp coming in May!

We are excited to bring you another family camp Friday May 1st through Sunday May 3rd.  It is our privilege to support families and walk beside parents as they endure the daily task of raising challenging children in the 21st century.  We want to support you and your children through a weekend of growing and stretching into becoming the best balanced family you can achieve.  We are looking for pooped out parents and children struggling to love and obey.  If this sounds like your family we are here for you.  Come join us!

Amazing January Camp

The staff of Family Challenge had an amazing weekend serving 5 awesome families. Thank you to all who volunteered their time.  Thank you to the families who trusted us enough to allow us to serve you for an entire weekend.  It truly was our blessing to do so!

Families remember to parent with a smile.  Keep yourself strong, loving and approachable.

Post Holiday Turbulance

Finally, the tree is put away, the hoopla is done, but my child will not unwind.  What can I do to help him/her?

As much as we all love the holidays, some children just cannot regulate through them and have trouble switching gears back to a brain of learning.  School begins for most kids tomorrow and many of our children just aren’t mentally ready to learn.  Their minds are still on Christmas, the New Year’s Celebration and all the fun.

Tonight, try a warm quiet dinner, followed by a warm bath for your child, and a lot of snuggle time and calm reading before bed.  Use this time to talk about the memories over the Christmas break.  Talk about what is expected of them tomorrow as school begins and the anxiety they may have about leaving you, mom or dad, and returning to school. They may miss their friends and teacher and be anxious to see them, but there may be more anxiety in thinking of being away from mom and dad for 6-8 hours.  Do not expect a lot of learning to happen the first day back at school.  As your child re-regulates over this week, the learning will come.

Keep this week simple so your child’s brain can transition back to school.  Be patient, it may take a few days to make the switch.


How to Manage Christmas Break

So you feel like you are in a good routine with your children and then another change, even a fun one like Christmas break can pose its challenges.  Children who have endured early trauma do not manage change well even if the change is positive.  Their brain goes into protective mode through the change as they have fears of missing friends or never seeing a favorite teacher again.  These fears although unrealistic to us as parents are very real to children who have endured early loss.  Helping them see that January is just around the corner and school will begin again soon is more than some children can bear.

Parents tell me all the time that no matter how much they have prepared their child for the change, nothing works.  Their child is still anxious, angry and defiant and the child cannot identify the fact that it is all due to a small change in the schedule and previous early loss.

Knowing that children with early loss and trauma want Christmas but really don’t know how to emotionally manage Christmas, it requires time and patience.  Leave room in your schedule for emotional breakdowns and recovery as they will inevitably be a part of your day.  Do not pack your day so tight with things to do and places to go that your child is melting down by 11 am and the daily list has only just begun.  Keep your home calm and simple so that you can manage your child’s big emotions.

Try turning off all the electronics in your house and snuggle up with a blanket by the Christmas tree and read a Christmas story as a family.  Make everyone a cup of hot chocolate, turn on some soft Christmas music in the background and really take in the moment.  So many times we try to cram in so much fun in a day that really nothing emotionally or spiritually gets absorbed.  This a great time for talking.

It’s amazing how just sitting quietly with your child or family can spontaneously begin meaningful and deep conversations.  You will have created a safe peaceful time and maybe, just maybe, your child will share something you didn’t know.